Our passion for design excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and heavy principal involvement from concept to final focusing contributes to our success. We have no preconceived notions about what works. We welcome new challenges and enjoy the exploration and research of unique materials and ideas. We offer solutions, but encourage collective decision making by the entire design team and client, Our goal is to provide the best possible lighting design service for our clients.Lighting is inescapably bound up with function, with tasks and activities. The first step in the process of designing a lighting scheme is to analyse your requirements. How much light do you need ? where should light go ? Which lights should be fixed and which lights should be flexible ?

Professional lighting designers have to combine aesthetic flair with considerable technical expertise. It is essential that lighting designers should be able to calculate with some degree of precision how much light a space will require. By consulting recommended lex levels for specific tasks, requirements of types of interior, designers can then work out exactly how to deliver the amount of light required.

Spoon has focused on the medium in all its diversity, on its optimum adaptation to user requirements and on continual endeavours to roll back the borders of what is technically possible. The quintessence of all this resides in our aesthetic and functionally outstanding light solution which can be perfectly integrated to all kinds of indoor contexts. In a time of highly diverse requirements we offer the necessary process quality, flexibility and internationality to develop sustainable concepts that go far beyond short lived trends.