We are about the future

We provide innovative lighting solutions that fulfill the needs of individuals and environment. Spoon's commitment to greater sustainability is closely linked to its core business; artificial lighting does, after all, consume 19% of all the electricity generated worldwide and therefore makes a significant contribution towards global energy consumption. It is possible to make a considerable contribution towards reducing the consumption of resources by using more energy-efficient, intelligently controlled lighting technology.

Spoon's individual brands pursue these objectives in areas such as dimmable ballasts, LED lights sources and intelligent control systems in order to offer the market an innovative portfolio of energy-efficient products. In order to vividly demonstrate our contribution to energy efficiency, calculations based on these key figures were carried out in order to give some idea of the magnitude of the potential savings that the company brought to the market in the period under review.

Research work is extremely relevant to Spoon lighting and controls. Extensive application know-how underpins our user-oriented design process and the development of lighting solutions that offer customers and users decisive added value. This includes investigating parameters such as user acceptance and human well-being. Our research concentrates on investigating the effects of light on people.

Corporate strategy and sustainability:

The company has engaged in numerous activities on both the ecological and social arenas over the decades in order to achieve this. A sustainability strategy that was consistent with our corporate objectives was adopted in 2009 in order to ensure that our commitment to sustainability could be controlled more effectively.